Commissioner Requirements – 12 seats

  • One speaking seat per “community”
  • Over 18 yrs old (USA runned, under 18 = lots of liability)
  • You are a “leader in the community”. Leader :
    • Commissioners must have some platform in which they produce content OR lead a space where information exchange can occur (ie, niche Hellenic Polytheistic gathering spaces/communities).

FYI: Community Leaders = Commissioners

Kallisto Agaila

Eiresione Iketiria

As the Árchon, Kallisto is the owner and leader of operations for Eiresione Iketiria. As a mélos of the Diacheiristés, Kallisto assists other Diacheiristés in providing a safe environment for méli through enforcing the rules and regulations of our community. As a mélos of the Mantikoi, Kallisto is certified through Eiresione Iketiria to publicly provide divination for other méli.

Kallisto is a young Hellenic Polytheist living in Central Iowa, USA. Outside of their religious activities, Kallisto is a life skills trainer for people with traumatic/acquired brain injuries and a musician/actor. Kallisto also has an affinity for photography, art, and writing poetry along with academic papers based in ancient civilizations, religions, cultures, and the general history of traditions based in Western Occultism.

Victoria K.

Hellenic Herald

I’m victoria/HellenicHerald, I’m 31 yo, from Cali USA. I use she/her pronouns. I’m a revivalist hellenic polytheist. I’ve been an offical Hellenist for over five years now. I worship the 12 Olympians equally but you know we all have favorites.

I’m a pretty casual person (except for my wardrobe / looks lol). I LOVE food. Especially meat and sweets. I’ve worked within the pagan community for about two years working with local pagan and druid groups. After that I found hellenism and joined a few groups. I ended up volunteering with Hellenion for about two years. Now i’ve created Hellenic Herald. My goal is for HH to be a welcoming place for all Hellenists and pagans. Someplace made by the community for the community with resources, events and more!