Bridge The Styx

A Hellenic coalition with a focus on community

Bridge The Styx

A Hellenic coalition with a focus on community

What do we do?

Share Research

Accessibility to information is a key part of BTS. With that in mind as community leaders we all share our personal and community libraries with the public community.

Community Colaboration

 We have our own communities, but as community leaders, we come together to discuss issues within the community and how to collaborate to solve them.

Safe Spaces

Bridge the Styx is dedicated to creating safe spaces for member within the community. Together we will create and enforce guidelines to ensure all of our spaces are safe spaces! 

Social Sharing

With so many amazing people involved of course, we have to support each other and share each others amazing info, content, and events!


Prepare for the first BTS Hellenic Polytheist conference! 100% online for accessibility. Panels, worships, tutorials and more! Coming soon!

And More!

Coming soon!

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems




Why is BTS important

For too long has the Hellenic community been fractured.  It is time to come together as a community that holds each other accountable, that grows together in a way that positively impacts and empowers the community.

It is time for us join together and create a community with a culture of compassion and love, all working together in the common goal of worshiping the Gods.

Community Leaders

VMay – Hellenic Herald

She/Her |  ~35 yo |Cali USA
I’m a revivalist Hellenic polytheist. I’ve been an official Hellenist for ~7 years now and Pagan for ~4 years before that. Been working for the community ~5 years. 

Kallisto –  Eiresione Ikiteria

I am a Hellenic Polytheist and Neoplatonism for nearly eight years