Articles of Virtuous Pillas

This is what we want to see in the commissioners communities as well as themselves to make them good members of BTS.


Article of Ethike Arete

Commissioners are to be ethical in leading their community and in personal life.


Article of Eusebia 

Commissioners are to participate in a ceremony to marry themself to the community, to further unify their personal interests with the interest of the community in order to benefit it as a whole.


Article of Hagneia
Commissioners, during BTS meetings, will take a moment of silence to leave behind all other thoughts, distractions, and ego at the door for BTS meetings


Article of Nomos Arkhaios

Adherence to ideas/concepts represented within the Delphic Maxims. Commissioner Communities must also be a primarily Hellenized community, and also adhere to conditions set within the Articles of the Virtuous Pillars.


Article of Sophia,

Commissioners must be educated on Hellenic Polytheist topics and also encourage members of their communities to read into the history of Greece. Communities must also strive to make educational material accessible.


Articles of Sophrosune

Commissioners must conduct themselves in a diplomatic manner when presented with topics and ideas that they personally do not align with, and that when presented with harmful perpetuations and ideologies are able to navigate the situation in a way that exhibits self-control and temperance.

Article of Xenia

 Commissioners must create a welcoming space that provides for crucial reciprocity between community leaders and community members, ensuring that the actions of one group benefit the other and vice versa. Continuing the responsibility that the leaders have to maintain this balance of reciprocity.